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Trying to restore image using OSX Disk Utility

Hello everyone:

Wow ... SuperDuper is a ... well ... super duper program! I mainly do PC stuff, but this program is simple to use and very easy to run. If only MS could do things this easily!

At any rate - I'm having a problem that I'm hoping to get some help with. I have an iMac that has system 10.3.9 on it. I recently created an image to my USB 2.0 external hard disk drive. Something happened to the laptop, and I'd like to go back to that image.

I followed the instructions in the user sheets, booted using my OSX CD, and then went into the Disk Utility Program. When I clicked on the source and destination and tried to click on restore, the blue lines start moving for about 2 seconds, and then I receive an error stating that the operation failed because of an error of type 2.

When I backed up, I chose the "backup all files" option, and did not save to an image file.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks for the help!

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