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Setting up a Mac lab

I'm writing to double check that this application (SD) is right for the purpose I intend to use it. I have a lab in a high school of 22 Macs (two are Intel macs) all the rest are imacs. Normally over the summer I use one machine to create a "clean" and current setup for all 12 classes taught and then have used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy them one at a time to each of the other macs. The image is quite big as we use a good deal of high end apps and there are separate setups for each class.

I think I can use this program on the 20 non-Intel imacs, is that right?
Do I just follow the basic back-up procedure or is there a different approach?
What is suggested for the 2 Intel iMacs?
I currently use firewire cables for transfer, one machine at a time until a row of 4 are complete and then go 4 at a time. Better suggestions?
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