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Can I use DropDMG to split sparseimage 4 DVD

Hi - I am thr prud new owner of a SupderDuper licence ! I am looking to maybe try and keep a copy of my sparseimage on dvd about once every 6 months away from the house. I need to find a way to automate the process of splitting the sparse image into 4Gb chunks to burn to DVD. I have found a product called DropDMG hich looks awesome as it has Automator support. I was quite dissapointed to find SuperDuper did not have such Automator support. I figured that somehow I could trigger the Automator action anyway from SD once it had finished a copy using the GUI, but I realised I would have to hard code the resultant sparse image name ( not a big issue ) does anyone know how to call an Automator action from the SD GUI and secondly does anyone know if SD intends to include Automator support in the future.

Great product by the way !
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