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SD & TM with multiple drives

I’m hoping you can provide some solid advice on my backup configuration, and how it should be set up.

I have a Mac Mini (running 10.10.2) with TWO internal drives: a 60GB SSD (“Boot”) where I maintain the OS and applications, and a 500GB HDD (“Data”) containing my user files. I also have access to a shared 3TB network drive ("ND") and a dedicated (directly connected) 500GB HDD (“Backup”).

I’d like to arrange my backup strategy to utilize both SuperDuper and Time Machine, such that I’d always have a clone to boot from if necessary, and a TM backup to enable access to different versions of individual files.

How would you suggest I set this up, given the drives available? Will SD backup BOTH “Boot” and “Data” in one operation, or must they be separate? (Total storage on both of those drives <400GB.) How should SD be configured? What about Time Machine?

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