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Backing-up just my File Vault Home folder...


Currently, I use SD! to perform smart clones of "Backup all Files".

This method has been working well for me.
Since I use File Vault on my main Home directory I log-in to an alternate Admin account before performing the clone.

I am contemplating adding a different backup script to my rotating backup routine.
Here is my reasoning: Should the File Vault .sparseimage which holds my Home directory become corrupted (which seems to happen to lots of folks, but has yet to happen to me), my current 'backup all files' would likely become useless, since I would just be cloning a corrupted .sparseimage during the backup...

What I am thinking is that I could create a copy script to 'copy /Users/MyHome' to a disk image.

This would give me a backup of my Home directory that I could mount at anytime to retrieve individual files if necessary.

This should work with SD! right?

SuperDuper 2.1.3
MacOS X 10.4.7 PPC


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