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[v68.2] "truncated" log entry

Log fragment from a recent smart update run:
|06:33:57 PM|Info|       Ignoring /Volumes/Tiger
|06:33:57 PM|Info|       Ignoring /Volumes/Macintosh HD
|06:34:24 PM|Info|       Ignoring /.vol
|06:36:11 PM|Info|       leFileService
|06:36:20 PM|Info|       Ignoring /Desktop DB
|06:36:20 PM|Info|       Removing excluded item: /Volumes/eMac/Desktop DB
|06:36:20 PM|Info|       Ignoring /Desktop DF
|06:36:20 PM|Info|       Removing excluded item: /Volumes/eMac/Desktop DF
|06:36:20 PM|Info|       Ignoring /mach
"leFileService" looks like a substring of some AppleFileService pathname but that's never appeared in the log any time I've previously run SD! so it seemed peculiar for it to show up now. Any reason for concern?
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