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Backing Up Server

Remote Back up of a server:

I have a WebStar V 5.4 web server running many web sites and mail boxes. It also runs FileMaker 6 with man open databases also running on the net using the FMP web server. The OS is Panther and the server is a G4. It has its own IP. I run a G5 with Tiger and on the same network again with an IP (no DHCP). I can obviously mount the server on my desktop. Can SuperDuper be used to back the server up from the G5.

The problem with Webstar V is that it uses a 'user' called 'webstar' to create privileges for security of the web folder and mail folder although the Mac actually runs logged in as a normal user. Any attempt to back up while running always hits privilege issues and usually messes with the server and a repair is required. Also trying to back up an open FMPro file is disastrous.

I can run a back up from the actual server if required but I'd love to do it from the G5 if possible.

If not then can SuperDuper be run on the Server to back up to a remote volume it has mounted (i.e. the reverse scenario)?


Michael Bradley
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