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Western Digital My Book drives and SuperDuper

OK, I have been a long time user of CCC. After 2 HD crashes in the last 18 months I decided that I would rather use an external HD than a second internal HD for backups. Therefore, I bought the WD My Book Pro (3 interfaces including FW800).

My problem is that this drive goes to sleep if not accessed regularly. CCC will not wake it up to perform a scheduled backup. After reading about other backup utilities, I found Superduper. I downloaded it and really like the interface and abilities. However, it seems I must pay for it before I can schedule a backup. I don't mind paying for the software but I'd rather not buy it to find out it will not wake up an external drive either.

Will superduper wake up an external drive when a backup is scheduled? My internal drive is set to never sleep. Looking forward to a response - I really need to start getting backups again!
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