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Self Powered FireWire Drives that Boots OS X?

Can anyone recommend a Self Powered FireWire Drive that they use that they know Boots OS X.

I only need 80GB. Something like the SmartDisk Firelite FWFL80. Supposedly a firmware upgrade is needed, which I don't want do have to do. Want it to work out of the box.

More questions:

1) If my backup takes say 50GB, can use the free space be used as a data drive?

2) If I partition the drive and backup to one (which will be bootable), can I use the second partition for data?

3) With two partitions, which is the one that boots?

4) Any way to backup two computers to the same disk? I would think only one backup can boot? Unless you can partition the drive and backup to each partition and then, somehow, choose the partition to boot from.
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