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Restoring- Strange results


I managed to successfully restore a rental macbookpro with my disc image while mine is repaired. I think....

I started up (option key) on the backup drive and then erased and copied my backup to the laptops "Macintosh HD". I used the repair permissions on backup option too..

When I restarted on the newly copied drive many of my dock icons were not recognized ("?" icons) once I clicked to launch many of those they restored fine (seemingly) Many others however were replaced with pictures (jpegs, tiffs) and other strange files from random places on my HD. Weird!

I went to try and copy the backup to the HD again and it didn't recognize it as a place to copy to. (Is that cause I'm running from there?)

Also several of the programs I started asked for serial numbers again. Is this going to happen everytime I restore??

Any other ideas of things I might want to check to be sure it's all good?

Thanks, J
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