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Originally Posted by dnanian
You turn ownership off by selecting the external drive, doing a "Get Info", and checking the "Ignore ownership" checkbox.

If you have a Firmware password, which is what you were talking about before, your internal files are relatively safe. Your backed up files are not, since that drive is accessible. If you want to secure those, you need either a drive with hardware security or you need to store things in a sparse image with a password (created with Disk Utility, then point SD! at the image you created), recognizing that you cannot boot from that image until it's restored.
So that is a case for following the FAQ we talked about. If I use the Disk Utility to create the sparse image, then the external Firewire drive is secure? And SD can Smart Update it?

How do I use DU to create a password protected 'sparse' image? I see the 'New Image' option. Is that a sparse image? Should image format be read/write and then set the Encryption?

I realize I can't boot from it but can I restore from it if I know the password? Could I boot from another external partition, and use SD to copy from the sparse to a new HD put things back the way they were when the image was taken? Even if I'm not logged in as the original owner, if I know the password for the sparse image, can I put things back and have my user account and permissions etc. restored to a brand new drive etc.?

Will the sparse image work even if done while booted from the local partition? Can it back up itself?

Finally, what's the difference between SD creating the smart image and DU creating it? What about that makes it more secure? The Encryption option you can set?
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