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WD Drive will not boot after 10.6.3 update

After updating my Intel iMac and unibody MBP to 10.6.3, my WD MyStudio HD does not boot from the SuperDuper Clone on either machine. I've tried booting using the 800 FW and the USB 2.0 connectors. Each time, grey screen appears with the spinning gear, however, nothing occurs beyond this point.

I have cloned (smart backup) the drive again thinking it might have been a faulty backup. No problems evident during the SD clone. All green at the end. However, still cannot boot. Also, the drive is partitioned with the 2nd partition used for Time Machine. No problem with a TM backup.

The WD mounts on the Desktop. I can see the various folders, files etc.

Appreciate any help/guidance. thanks

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