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Question Cannot find source volume - new partition

IMy nightly SuperDuper!backup gave me this error
| 04:09:53 PM | Error | The automatic copy aborted because SuperDuper! could not locate the Source volume named Avenir 2.
Prior to this, I consolidated the 3 other partitions (HFS+) into 1 from my main data drive, "Avenir 2". For some reason, Disk Utility wouldn't let me remove the last empty partition. I used ASR in Disk Utility to block copy all the data to the unremovable partition and then deleted the remaining partition. In case you're concerned, yes, I had 2 other copies of the deleted data.

Now, when SuperDuper! runs it can't find the source volume even though it has the same name as before, Avenir 2. What is the best way to fix this? I imagine the UUID must be different now and SuperDuper! doesn't like that.

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I just found this which appears to be the answer:
Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Your Macintosh HD's low-level ID changed when you repartitioned. What you can do is use the "Load Settings..." command to open each of the settings in Library/Application Support/Scheduled Copies. Select the "new" Macintosh HD, then save them. That'll fix them.
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