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Can SD do the following?

Hi Folks,

I'm a long time retrospect user looking to switch to SDuper, given its awesome reviews and what appears to be a very friendly UI.

Before I make the plunge, I have a few quick, important questions:
1. Can i configure SD to configure specific folders on multiple drives (all on 1 Mac). Would this be in the SmartUpdate I keep hearing about?

2. Can I configure the smartupdate to delete files from my backup which are/were erased from my specified folders? for example, I'm using Retrospect to bup my Iphoto and Itunes. When I make changes to files within Itunes (ie. by adding album artwork etc)..., Retro treats the changed file like a 'new' file, therefore duplicating the files and sucking up valuable HD space. In essence, my backup set is not identical to my original folders.

Thanks in advance. I downloaded the trial version, but since i can't access the smartupdate until I pay for a full version, i'm trying to find the answers. I realize it's only $30, but i'm on a limited budget so i need to know before I buy.

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