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Disk Clone not showing up in Boot Startup list

Well .. A repeat of an issue I had a few months ago .. B-Tree Catalog error .. and a 2STF/8/3: S-ATA Bus 0 master Hardware Diag error. Last time Apple had me reseat the disk which cleared up the Diag issue, but had to reformat the disk. No biggie since I had a clone of the disk. Well .. It happened again and the disk is totally gone. I booted with the Option key to get the Boot Selection screen .. I see my internal disk (which is bad); Install CD; Hardware Diag and my internal disk again. I do not see my Cloned disk (I run SuperDuper every night version 1.5?) I didn't see any errors during the cloning. I would love to boot off my clone until my disk replacement comes from Apple .. and Also to clone back to the new disk. Any help would be appreciated

Hmm .. I booted off the second 'RLR191' (The duplicate label of my internal disk) and it turned out it booted 'RLRBU1' which is my clone ..

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