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Can I do this booted in Sandbox?

I just started using SuperDuper and think it is going to be just that - Super. I am particularly excited about being able to do the Apple (or any other) Updates on Sandbox and if things go bad, be able just boot back to my original state in Macintosh HD.

I have a partitioned external HD. On one partition I made a complete Clone of my Macintosh HD. Then I partitioned my actual Macintosh HD and set up a Sandbox. Here are my lingering questions.
Is it okay to be booted in Sandbox and then do a Smart Update of Macintosh HD to Clone? I know it is possible because I did it but I would like to know if I should preferably boot in Macintosh HD first and then do the Smart Update. Or does it matter?

Before doing a Smart Update, should I log out and log back in with shift key down? Or is this just a caution for the first back-up?
So if I am booted in Sandbox and want to Smart Update Macintosh HD to Clone, should I log out of Sandbox and log back in with shift key down?

If I repair permissions, run scripts, etc. on Sandbox, does it repair permissions and so on on Macintosh HD?

In a month or so I plan on upgrading to Tiger and, of course, would like to take advantage of the kind-of-risk-free Sandbox. Do you have any articles specific to using SuperDuper for OS upgrades? Suggestions, whatever.

Thank you in advance for any help/wisdom you can share with me.

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