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ASR DMG Restore


I have been using SuperDuper! for a bit and it works perfectly on my systems to backup/restore when using the image on the original computer. I am having a problem however trying to restore to another computer. I have a DP2.5 G5 and am trying to create a generic "image" to restore other Macs as needed. I have taken an external harddrive, partitioned it, and loaded OS X 10.3.7 onto one partition.

I then use SuperDuper! to clone the newly created 10.3.7 HD to 10.3.7 HD Clone. This works perfectly and does create a bootable clone. As one of the options I choose to create a .dmg that is supposed to be ASR compliant.

I want to take this .dmg and image the harddrive on a Mac mini. The restore fails every time... I can however boot off the 10.3.7 HD/HD Clone partition and all runs fine.

Could this be that the Mac mini is unable to use a .dmg created on a G5 or am I missing some obvious step?

Please let me know, Thanks.
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