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Backing up a partition to disk image unmounts that partition


I've been trying out SuperDuper! as a backup solution for our lab (server/client network). I've been trying to back up to the (empty) second disk on our server machine (we'll use external storage as soon as it arrives).

The main server disk has two partitions, one stores the OS and the other has the user accounts on a 'Home' partition. If I make two corresponding backup partitions on the second disk I find that I can easily backup to them using a simple volume to volume copy.

However, when I backup to a disk image I have noticed that all the users get thrown off the network and lose their home accounts. It would seem that the Home partition is being unmounted towards the end of the copying process. When everything is finished copying, 'Home' appears to mount again.

Is this the case, and if so will this always be the case? I thought it might be easier to have one backup partition which would store several backup disk images rather than having lots of separate backup partitions (allowing us to keep separate nightly and weekly backups etc.). If our 'Home' partition will always be unmounted though I may have to make several partitions.


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