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Switching to a new ibook

I am just about to upgrade from a 600 ghz ibook to a brand new 1.33GHz ibook with the following configuration:

Memory 065-5237 768MB DDR266
Hard Drive 065-5241 80GB ATA Drive
Optical Drive 065-5244 SUPER DRIVE
Airport 065-5246 Airport Extreme Card
BlueTooth 065-4662 Internal BlueTooth Module

My old ibook does not have a super drive, has a smaller (30 gig) hard drive, has the older airport card (not extreme) and does not have a bluetooth module.

I am planning on cloning my old ibook to my LaCie hard drive, and then cloning that to the new ibook. Will I have any trouble with my system recognizing the superdrive, bluetooth, extreme card, new hard drive, etc?

I would love it if I don't have to reload all my software, files, pictures, itunes music etc. and preferences into the new ibook.

Do you see any problems I would run into doing this?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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