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I'm sooooo impressed with the quality and promptness of your reply.
I'm just back from a major disaster so I tend to look for belt AND suspenders...
My 17" PB froze and died on me a couple of days ago.
I had a recent backup on a FW disk but I could not access my HD, whatever boot option I would use.
After going all over the net scrutinizing every mac message boards and support sites I knew of, (this is how I became awre of the indispensable SuperDuper! I finally succeeded, reformatted and succesfully restored my HD.
SInce this incident, DiskWarrior Hardware test returns the following message:
"This hard drive's built-in S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics indicate a failure or pending failure that could result in loss of data."
Still, the disk works normally, I do 2 smart updates a day on 2 FW drives. I don't know if I need to replace my hard drive (bummer) or if the SMART diagnostic has been damaged during the crash.
Before the crash, I had installed the last version of Virex that since has been removed from both MCAffee and Apple download sites and seems to have a very bad reputation all over the Net.
In your opinion, is there any way I could find out what to do, status quo or new disk
Sorry for the lengthy post,

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