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Question Migrate from HFS+ case-sensitive to insensitive via SD!?

Hi folks,

When trying to install Adobe CS3 it appears it doesn't support case-sensitive filesystems, gives a warning and refuses to install. (curses Adobe! )

So I thought I would just backup my case-sensitive Macbook HD to a firewire HD through the all-files option in SuperDuper!, and restore it on a case-INsensitive formatted HD. This shouldn't cause any problems since the system is recently installed, I haven't created any conflicting files and I'm guessing OS X and most installed applications also don't create any files that could conflict when the filesystem is 'case-desensitized '.

It doesn't work however, since SuperDuper! formats the destination filesystem to be the same as the source, before copying.

Any thoughts? Is it possible to override the erase step in SD! and manually format the filesystem beforehand, or should I use another utility to restore my backup? Any suggestions are welcome before I spend another weekend doing a full reinstall, again.

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