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Auto launch & execute?

Is there any method to launch and execute SuperDuper? Command line flag?

I'm aware you are working on scheduled execution. In the mean time is there a manual work around?

I imagine one could launch SuperDuper via a settings file, and have QuicKeys complete the transaction. However I'd prefer a command line solution, thus it would be easier to handle volume/drive mounting etc.

Also, launching the app via "sudo" does not appear to eliminate the need to supply the admin name and password? Is there a work around for this?

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Well, a little more digging uncovered the use of "SVUclone" and its various arguments. I'm sure as a supplier you might be a little leary of us using the tool set without sufficient documentation (or insight).

Just thought I'd ask if there was a preferred work around until "scheduling" was added. Please reply privately if this is too big a can of worms.


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