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What I'd really recommend for this kind of thing, given what you're attempting to do, is .Mac and its auto-synchronizing iDisk.

Basically, for the $99 or so .Mac charges, you get 100MB or so of storage that's backed up for you. It appears as a volume on your drive, with the directory structure you're used to (Movies, Music, Documents and the like). When you make changes, those changes are *automatically* synchronized to any other computer you've got associated with the .Mac account.

So: any changes you make would be available on all your computers with no manual intervention at all. It's really a pretty ideal situation.

If that doesn't work for you, you could take a look at You Synchronize, Synchronize Pro or one of the other "synchronization-focused" solutions. I truly wish that I could endorse one or more of them for your situation, but I have no direct experience with any of them.

Another possibility is Dan Kogai's "psync". It's a command-line utility, but it will do a synchronization between two arbitrarily rooted directory hierarchies. "rsync", or "rsyncx" will also do the same kind of thing, and I believe there's a UI version of it.

Save for .Mac, which is very easy, most of these solutions are significantly more complex than SuperDuper!, but given your situation you may need something more complex to fit your needs (at least until SuperDuper! makes it easy).

Hope that helps.
--Dave Nanian
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