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Backup multiple volumes sequentially (Applescript)

-- Script by Al Cellier 2010-06-03
-- This Applescript needs YOUR folder name and needs YOUR settings files previously saved. No warranties, use at your own risk. Works for me.
-- Script will step through all files in folder "C-X" within the "Saved Settings" folder - Replace "C-X" in both places with "YOUR FOLDER"!
-- Pre-save YOUR settings files! The sequence is set by prefixing the settings filenames with 01, 02, 03 ...
-- For verification, the script displays a dialog showing the location, number of files, and filenames. When you click "OK" then it runs unattended.
-- At each file it calls on SuperDuper! to perform the backup, per the settings file

tell application "Finder"
set Settingsfolder to POSIX file "/Users/acellier/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Saved Settings/C-X/" as alias
set FileList to every file in Settingsfolder
display dialog (Settingsfolder & "
" & (number of items in FileList & " items in list
") & name of items of Settingsfolder & "
Power Up the Backup Drive 'X'!") as text
repeat with i from 1 to number of items in FileList
set NamedFile to (name of item i of FileList)
tell application "SuperDuper!"
do shell script "sleep 5"
if status is idle then
run using settings ("C-X/" & NamedFile) without user interaction
end if
repeat while status is running
do shell script "sleep 6"
end repeat
if status is done then
tell application "SuperDuper!" to quit
do shell script "sleep 7"
end if
on error errMsg
display dialog "Oops! ... " & errMsg
end try
end tell
end repeat
end tell
display dialog ("Back ups All Complete !!
Dismount & Power down the backup drive 'X'")
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