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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Sure. But it seems more sensible to get a drive that can actually accommodate your data. A 1TB external is < $100.

Note, too - we've seen a lot of problems with first generation hybrid drives. Not all hybrids are bad, of course, but do research that drive thoroughly before installing it, and make sure you have the most recent firmware.
I have two drives that will accept the 1TB clone, but as I live between two continents, I prefer to have more clones around. I will partition these two appropriately to receive clones.

Hybrids -- hmm, I'm concerned to hear about hybrid drive problems. I only found one thread on the SD! forum about hybrid drives and your reply was basically that they were no issue for SD!

Have we seen problems with the 2.5" Seagate 1TB SSDHD ST1000LM014 drive? Would your recommendation be to stay away from this one? The reviews I saw have been largely positive for this drive. But I'm all ears...

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