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backing up to replace internal drive

First I wanted to say that from a UI designer's perspective, especially for something as complex and powerful as SuperDuper is, you did a really excellent job making this very usable, with a bare minimum of "scariness factor." Thanks!

I'm wondering if you can tell me if this backup scheme of mine will actually work:
I have a 450 MHz AGP Graphics G4 (with a processor upgrade to 750 MHz). It has a 20 GB master drive that has 2 partitions, one for OS X 10.4.2 and one for OS9.2, and a 60 GB slave drive that I use for apps and files.
1. I want to make a bootable backup of my 20 GB boot drive, to an external OWC Mercury Firewire hard drive that already has stuff on it that I don't want to delete (it does not have a backup of this 20 GB drive on it).
2. I want to replace the 20 GB drive with a much larger drive, boot from the Firewire bootable backup, and then "restore" the backup to the new internal drive.
This will keep me from having to reinstall OSX and OS 9.2. What do you think?

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