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Feature Request: Don't Steal Focus on Startup

Hey -

Maybe this is already available and I haven't found it, but I'd love to be able to tell SuperDuper not to steal the focus when it starts up. I run scheduled backups and have SuperDuper contained to a particular space - a space in which I run "background" apps (SuperDuper, iTunes, etc.). Keeping them confined to this space keeps them out of my way, while still allowing them to do their thing.

What's been bothering me is that I'm usually working in a different space at the time my scheduled backups start. As soon as SD launches, I'm shifted to this background space and my workflow is disrupted. It'd be great if SD would just open and do its thing without making any changes to my environment. Is this possible? Alternatively, maybe just an option to hide the app on opening so that I could allow it to open on my current space, but without stealing the window focus or being visible at all.

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