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Well the problem that I am having is that SD is unable to to a "Smart Update" backup to the disk image. It makes no sense, since the physical disk is 80MB and the image is 80MB why it can't update the image, but it can't. The image was created by SD originally.

I assume that the reason this is happening (this is just a guess) is that SD wants to copy the new 14 GB file before it deletes some other large file from the image. The copy fails.

I think the "bug" and I'm just guessing here is that SD doesn't create the image with a big enough safety margin. If the physical disk is 90% full and the user updates a big (say 14 GB) file, when SD goes to update the image, there isn't room on the image for both the old and new version of the file.

Is this making any sense?
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