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Question Mac and Backup newbie, sizing sandbox and sparce image

I have just ordered a second internal hard drive (250 gb) for my DC PM G5 and am about to order SD. I have read the SD manual at least 7 times and am developing a strategy for a Sand box and a plan is to use the new drive (since it is faster) for daily use booting into Sandbox and the original drive for backup. Whether or not I duplicate my apps in Sandbox (many 3rd party) will be determined by the speed of sharing applications between partitions - such as does it slow down Photoshop CS to share the app...?

Also since user data is shared, I'm thinking the partition for Sandbox could be smaller than the one for original HD - how do I determine this size.

I am also wondering how to determine the size of a sparce image, which I am assuming is the same as a disk image. If my system - apps and data is 100 gb - what size will that sp image be?

After updating my OS in Sandbox and determining that it works properly, I then apply the update to the original seperately or by verrry carefully writing over the original with Sandbox - correct? ...and when I want to update my backup internal dr, I then clone it from the original partition I am using with Sandbox...which will clone the updated OS...correct?

I understand that any files that I delete from the Sandbox will also be deleted when I update the Backup drive. I thought one way I could deal with this is to create an Archive-Deleted files folder for priority archive files on the backup drive and put a copy on the original on the Sandbox drive right before I update it so they will be put back.

I am looking forward to using SD and updating to 10.4.4!!!
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