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"Open With" has duplicates

Hi Dave,
SD is easy to use, cloning and smartbackup are fast but can you tell me what's happening here:

Each time when I connect to the external backup disk, duplicate applications appear when I try to open a file with Finder's "Open With" option. The duplicate applications still appear when the external backup disk isn't connected. The external disk has 3 partitions; 1 for my iMac with 10.4.5 and the other for iBook with 10.3.9. As suggested, I named the cloned partitions after the originals. I managed to get rid of the duplicates by resetting the applications and documents links using Onyx. It's a little bit bothersome having to do this each time after connecting to the external disk. Is there something I can do so that the duplicates don't appear?


Oh... never mind. Just saw similar threads about this. Just too bad I have to live with this.

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