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Why is SuperDuper not running at scheduled time?

I expected to wake up this morning with a completed backup on one of my external hard drives, since the script calls for it to run every Friday morning at 12:30am. However, no backup was made, and after launching SuperDuper to investigate, I found that it didn't run at all, and neither had the backup for Monday morning (on another hard drive). How do I find out what was happening that stopped SuperDuper from running these backups? (what log should I check, etc). There didn't appear to be any problem when I woke up, and all external hard drives were on (but not mounted). I ran diagnostics on the externals, TechTools said they were just fine.

I have full backups scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Only the Wednesday backup had been completed for this week! I need to know what's stopping the other backups from running.
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