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From Leopard to Snow Leopard; is SuperDuper gonna work?


I'm sitting here with a fresh Snow Leopard disc, itching to install it, but I wanna make sure I don't lose my data. So I have a few questions;

1. I have an iMac 500GB and 500GB external hd. I have been using Time Machine to backup regularly, but I'm not sure how safe it is to rely on. Is Time Machine safe enough to use when I innstall Snow Leopard? Can I restore my mac's condition exactly as it was in Leopard?

2. If I create a clone of my iMac harddrive in Leopard with SuperDuper, will I be able to copy the clone back on to my iMac harddrive when I have installed Snow Leopard? (My iMac HD has over 418GB of used space...)

3. I read somewhere that the safest was to have one external HD with Time Machine backups and one external HD with a SuperDuper clone... Is this true?

Please help me, I'm confused...

Thank you!

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