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"Open With" context menu full of copies

I'm a new and very happy user of SuperDuper! but have discovered one thing I'd like to try and fix. [I'm pretty sure that any software that backs up by creating a bootable clone will suffer from this, so apologies for posting here]

Soon after I started using SD I found that if I right clicked on a movie file in the Finder I would get multiple entries for QuickTime, RealPlayer etc. so it seems that finder is scanning all mounted disks to populate this menu.

Worse than that, it seems to add new entries when a disk name changes (I played about a bit to get a partitioning scheme I was happy with) without forgetting old ones so I'm now up to around 6 copies of QuickTime appearing in the menu.

I have disabled Spotlight indexing on my clone volumes but would like a way to prevent Finder from scanning my external FireWire drives for applications - is this possible?
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