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A question of Laziness

Background information: I have identical data on my user account on my office and home computers (except email). I have a clone of my office computer, but now I think I'll just keep a clone of my home computer instead as I still will have my data intact, and I'll have my wife's data too.

Question: To save time, may I clone my home computer over this clone of my office computer with a 'Smart Update'?

Additional Information: The piece of information that worries me: There are extra user accounts on the home computer, and the account id (502, 503, etc) for one of the accounts on the home computer is already taken by one of the accounts of the office computer so the id's won't match. [The duplicate accounts have the same name, but not the same id.]

Why I'm not just erasing and recloning: If the account id does not matter, then I can just use one clone to handle both. Weekly I can update only my office user to the clone and then take that home and update my home user. Right now I keep them the two accounts the same on-the-fly by a drop AppleScript (which makes an sftp connection) on which I drop every new file I make; this is getting old.

Thank you for your time.
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