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Question Yet another iTunes/SuperDuper! question


I just installed SuperDuper! and it seems like an awesome program. I've searched the forums for a response to my question but it seems that everyone in here is more tech-savvy than I am, so some of the responses have gone over my head. Apologies for the newb-ness and the repitition.

Here's the deal: I've got a new LaCie d2 HD Extreme hooked up to my PowerBook G4 and have thusfar put nothing on it for fear of screwing up and then having to start again. Before I copy anything over to the external HD using SuperDuper, I want to make sure I've got the following info straight:

1) I want to use my external HD to back up all the entirety of my PowerBook's harddrive, but I also want to move all of my iTunes music files over to the external drive and keep them there exclusively (I no longer want them on my laptop's harddrive as they take up too much space).

2) So, the question is, once I move the iTunes stuff over the external drive and delete them from my PB harddrive, what happens the next time I run SuperDuper? Will it look into my all-but empty music folder on my PB and say, "Oh! No music files on here, so I'd better make sure the same happens to the external drive!"

- reading through the manual, it seems that the above would happen if I used Smart Update, but not if I used Copy Newer or Copy Different. Is this the case? Would I have to use Copy Newer or Copy Different in order to ensure that the music files on the destination drive weren't erased?

Considering the specificity of my situation (wanting to store iTunes files solely on the external HD but also backup all files from my PB onto the external HD), what strategy would you guys recommend? I appreciate any advice you have to offer.

Thank you!
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