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Need to erase backup disk?

I have a powerbook running 10.2.8 with a 40Gb (nearly full) drive, and a 120Gb (60 Gb free) firewire drive. I need to backup the 40 Gb drive, so I did some research, bought superduper, ran it, then realized to my embarrassment that I had a deep misunderstanding about how backups work. Can someone help?

I was planning to do a full bootable backup (files, applications, etc...) of the 40 Gb drive onto the space on the firewire drive. But a full backup would, as far as I can tell, erase everything that's currently on the firewire drive. I cannot do this, as I have many files on the firewire drive that I need that are not on the 40 Gb drive.

Is there some way to do a full backup of the 40 Gb without erasing what's on the firewire drive (short of buying another firewire drive)? Will copying to disk image do the trick?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
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