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Copying user back to boot drive

For the last year or so I've been using a 256gig SSD on a PCI card as the boot drive, but kept 600+ gigs of user files on a much larger internal SATA drive. This has worked well enough, however it's starting to cause difficulties with some apps, since OS X now blocks certain processes viewed as cross origin, even though it's on the same computer and clearly linked.

The solution it seems, would be to move my essential user data onto the SSD and have the system recognise that inside system preferences. In theory I could simply drag & drop my User's Library folder from the SATA over to the SSD and then choose that inside system preferences, followed by a restart. That's about 45 gigs of data.

Then it occurred to me that SuperDuper! might be a much safer bet, but I wondered if it could be configured to only copy the required data to the corresponding position on the SSD boot drive?

A lot of the files I have under my user could be stored on other drives, such as business accounts and work info etc. I also understand iMovie for example can happily access data from other drives, so all I really want is the essential user data needed to run the system on that SSD.


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