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Hey, Z-Man.

Of course, you're right: the backup data is not secured unless the drive itself is password protected, and it's not. But, you can arrange things to be more protected pretty easily.

Using Disk Utility, you can create an encrypted sparse disk image on your Firewire drive. Then, when you want to back up, back up to the volume created when you mount the image (SuperDuper! should mount the image for you, if you've saved settings or used it last time you backed up -- you only have to eject it). There's a FAQ entry that'll explain how to create the volume -- check out "How do I update an image".

I really wouldn't use FileVault (a.k.a. FileFault) unless you're really, really worried about the drive being removed from the Powerbook. Instead, you can set an OpenFirmware password that will let you prevent the drive from being accessed in Firewire Target Disk Mode.

Make sense?
--Dave Nanian
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