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bootable backup & two-way sync?

What I want to accomplish:
1. Create a bootable backup to an external firewire drive on my personal Macbook Pro (Computer 1).
2. Take external firewire drive to work, plug it in to my Mac Mini (Computer 2), boot from it and use it all day. Applications, settings and files will obviously get changed, deleted and added throughout the day.
3. Take external firewire drive back home every evening, plug it into Computer 1 (but not boot off of it), and synchronize all changes with the internal hard drive.
4. Rinse & repeat.

My reasoning is that I don't want to carry my laptop to work every day and I want to minimize the wear and tear of my own personal laptop when I already have a perfectly good computer at work. However, I sometimes work from home and want to make sure that all files exist on both the internal and external drives.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
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