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SD keeps wiping out TM backups


I've been using SD along side TM on the same backup drive with Snow Leopard for a few years. No problems.

Recently I upgraded to Lion and decided it was time to get a pair of new drives for backups. My plan is to rotate the backup disks and keep the snow leopard backup on the original backup disk.

Anyway, I created a new backup drive, ran TM just fine. Ran SD just fine. Reran TM and everything seemed fine.

Then I rotated in a 2nd backup drive. As before I ran TM just fine, then ran SD just fine. Then on this drive when I run TM again, it starts over from scratch. I reformatted the drive to try again and the same thing happened.

A couple of notes: The external drives have different names ("backup 1" and "backup 2"). The exernal drives are formatted with Encryption.

I had no problems with Backup 1 drive in this configuration, but the Backup 2 drive seems to want to rerun a full TM backup after running SD.

Backup 1 drive is currently offsite, so I haven't retested it, but it was working as expected originally.

Is there maybe a problem with this entire setup: 2 separate encrypted backup drives and running both SD and TM side by side on each?

Hope this isn't too confusing.

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