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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
No, that's not the case. To evaluate 'questionable software' or even a software update, it might require you to run from that for a week, perhaps more. Which means you'll have a week's work that you've done to your files.

If you then restore a week-ago's backup, you'll have lost the work you've done.
Hi Dave,

You may be able to appreciate the quandary your response instills... It appears that I'm not fully cognizant of the operational relationship between Macintosh HD and Sandbox!

During the week (or longer) while I'm booting from the Sandbox, is any new e-mail (just as an example) that is exchanged during this period going to be accessible from both Macintosh HD and the Sandbox?

Your response above seems to suggest that as long as one boots from the Sandbox, all significant internet transactions will be saved on Macintosh HD, but accessible from the Sandbox. If the answer is "yes" (and I truly do not know), should I understand that this would not be the case if the Full Backup had been utilized for the experiment?
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