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Running between two external drives on another machine

Our Mac Pro 2008 is in retirement as a Linux powerhouse. It boots from a 2.5" SSD on a PCIE adapter card, and with 52GB RAM, an Nvidia card and a ZFS array that uses all four SATA bays, it is doing fine.

I still have a MacOS High Sierra APFS boot drive for the Mac Pro, a 3.5" spinning hard drive.

I'd like to clone the MacOS 3.5" drive to a 2.5" SSD, then temporarily mount that on the PCIE adapter card when/if I ever need to boot MacOS again.

It would be most convenient to clone from the 3.5" MacOS HD to the 2.5" SD if they are both in external USB cases connected to a Mac Mini 2018 running Mojave.

Can I run SuperDuper! on the Mac Mini to accomplish this?
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