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double SuperDuper run

SuperDuper has been working fine for me for years. I do a scheduled daily backup in the middle of each night, and see a notification on my screen in the morning that it did the backup properly. But last week, it started doing something funny. I'd get up in the morning and would see TWO notifications that SuperDuper did my scheduled backup. Umm? Two backups? Every morning, same thing.

So I rescheduled the backup for when I could observe it, and indeed, it did TWO BACKUPS. It completed one backup at the scheduled time, where the last command was to Quit Super Duper. It kicked out a notification that a backup was completed. But it didn't quit! It just went back and did the whole backup a second time, and then it quit. Then gave me a second notification. So I end up with two backup notifications on the screen for the two backups it did.

Of course, the logs are just for the last backup, so I don't know what was going through SuperDuper's mind when it did the first backup.

Now my schedule clearly lists TWO backups. One every night, and one every week to a different volume. It was doing the first one, every night, twice.

What's going on?

I should add that I deleted the daily backup and did a reschedule of it. Same thing kept happening.

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