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possible to sync limited folders within volume?

I'm having some problems today with my system.. more than one app is doing strange things and I might go to the backup I made with super duper. That backup is almost 2 weeks old though and I want to keep the updated things like documents, mail messages etc...
Finding all the updates is a nightmare and for some reason some things ( like mail messages) don't show up on searches for recent items. I don't want to wipe this drive and find out later I missed something.
Obviously I dont want to clone the drive that is now having problems because those problems may become inherited.
That got me thinking. Can I just smart copy within a folder.
For instance if I write a script that says just to update the mail folder from my source to my backup, can it do that without altering other files and have it go in the right place?
I know some similar questions have been asked here but the jargon was a bit beyond me.

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