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Looking at the thread this question came from at the Apple Discussions:

Also, I'm pretty sure that an A&I won't remove some corrupt stuff that can accrue and wreak havoc. But...
I guess I'm just not sure what "stuff" is accruing. But, to answer the "why clone" questions, it's pretty clear: there are a lot of different kinds of drive failures, and one of the worst is a total loss of the drive. A bootable backup makes it a lot easier to recover when you've lost the drive, which happens to a lot of people, or when something catastrophic has happened.

A Safety Clone is useful when an update, application, driver, or whatever installs "stuff" that has destabilized your system, and the nature of OSX makes it difficult to determine what that change might have been, and to repair it. A simple restart from the original does the job... and much easier than an attempted rollback from a traditional backup, because it retains the changes to your own files -- pretty critical, since you've probably been working on files!
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