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10.14.1 update conundrum

Before leaving for a trip, I cloned my iMac's fusion drive to an external SSD. I'm now using that drive on a friend's similar iMac. No problems accessing the drive, reading/writing etc.

Yesterday Apple released 10.14.1, however, Software Update shows no update available. So I attempted to install the latest version from the App Store. No problems downloading the 6GB installer, however upon installation, the installer would not allow me to designate the SSD drive since it was not formatted for APFS. I realize this is not a SuperDuper problem per se, however curious if anyone has encountered something similar and devised a workaround. I realize Apple's quest to simplify the User experience is at play here. However, not giving me an option to install APFS or not prevents me from upgrading the drive.

As an aside, when I return home next week I'll reclone/update my iMac's drive from the SSD. I don't anticipate running into any problems via the latest SD version. But checking here nonetheless. Thanks
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