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Setting up incremental backup

Hi, i hope someone can help.
I have a MacBook running leopard for work and I currently have a 40GB work folder that contains just current and recent work.
I also have a Lacie external 500GB drive that holds older work (about 300GB) that I still need to access regularly without too much problem.

What I want to do is to have my current work folder back up the changes in the laptop folder to a storage folder on the Lacie, but if I delete something from my laptop NOT to delete it from the backup.

Separately I then want to mirror this external drive to a second brand new 500GB Lacie drive. (If it is better, I have two new ones to set everything up on, rather than use the half full one I already have)

1. Is this something SuperDuper can help with?
2. How?!

I'd also be interested in backing up the rest of the laptop (settings / mail / photos) etc. I was thinking of using Time Machine for this. Should I consider SuperDuper for this too? If so, what is the best configuration... partitions etc?

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