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make before and after shell scripts job-specific?

I was pleased to stumble on the strategy by "TíNíT Luoma" a couple of years ago for mounting a backup volume before cloning, and then unmounting it. See

That keeps from having open volumes that make my system want to spin up disks even when I'm not using those disks. This strategy just runs a "mount" shell script before cloning, and an "unmount" shell script after cloning.

One frustration with this, however, is that SuperDuper always wants to run the SAME shell scripts, no matter what the clone job is. So If I want to clone to different volumes (say, a daily backup, and another a weekly backup, or backups to different disks), I don't seem to be able to do it. I can only mount/dismount my "daily" volume OR my "weekly" volume". It would be handy (and sensible) to have the "before" and "after" shell scripts one selects be specific to the particular job being scheduled.

Maybe there is a way to do this that I just haven't figured out?
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