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Restore image with disk utility?

Hi everyone... I just wanted to know if backups made with SuperDuper as a disk image is perfectly compatible with the Disk Utility I can run if I boot from my OS X 10.5.5 installation disc?

See, I can't use the Disk Utility to make a backup of a running OS X installation and it is a pain in the ass (and risks damaging the disc) if I have to boot from it every time I want to back up my drive, SuperDuper seems much less painful... But when it actually comes around to restoring my system, I probably won't even be able to boot into os x, and of course the installation disc which I can boot from doesn't have SuperDuper on it. So in this case, can I use the standard Disk Utility to restore my drive?

Are there any limitations I should be aware of, like, will it work with a read-only, highly compressed disk image?

Thanks everyone.
p.s. as a bonus question, does anyone know if restoring from a disk image will keep files in the hot-band still in the hot-band?
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