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Hi Folks,

I'm a registered and basically happy SuperDuper user. Waiting not too impatiently.

BUT for Villaman to apologize if ridiculous.

> I apologize Dave if my concerns and criticisms were worded too harshly.

How is it POSSIBLE that one can STILL goto the homepage, read it carefully (especially noting the "leopard support"), click on "Buy Now!" and then on "more info" (being careful, after all) and then make a purchase... and NEVER see one word about the fact that SD does NOT work with the current, shipping Mac operating system.

There should be a GIANT RED BANNER on the homepage saying "DANGER, this software does NOT WORK with Leopard".

How can this be justified? It's been MONTHS. I'm not talking about "it's been months so the update should be ready" (that's a whole nother discussion). The homepage STILL makes it sound like everything's just fine and that, say, a new Mac switcher can safely rely on SD to do what it's known for.

Knowing that SD is a great program, that Dave is a good guy, that Shirt-Pocket is a small outfit, etc, etc is totally beside the point. I should think any impartial visitor would think that the homepage is duplicitous.


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